20 years from now

My life plan


Plan A) Soccer Player

Plan B) Mechanical Engineer

Financial Goals

If (Plan A) worked out and I played in the MLS on a annual yearly salary i would make anywhere from 35,125 to 141,903.00

If (Plan B) worked out I could make 55,000 to 112,000 a year depending on the job title.


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I would need 4 years or more to get a degree in engineering


My dream of a family

I would like to be married with 2 kids . I would like to persue this goal after Im graduated college or settled down. If im able to have a pet it would be a dog.

Retirement Plan

I would like to go back to ghana for awhile

Depending on the stock market , maybe invest on stock

Also take the time to learn about buisness and open up one for my kids