Implicit IFS

Indirect & Subtle Ways to Bring IFS to Your Client

Presented by Bruce Hersey LCSW

This is a 6 hour course designed for graduates of IFS Level One Training, or a minimum of 20 hours of IFS workshop experience, such as IFS Conference, IFS Circle, IFS Continuity, etc.

The workshop provides the IFS practitioner with the tools and skills to lead clients into experiencing IFS without becoming entangled in philosophical arm-wrestling, relying on 'parts language,' or convincing them with conceptual gobbledygook (commonly known as psychobabble).

No more front-loading of the model and trying to force square pegs into round holes. The IFS model and concepts can be back-filled following specific experiences you facilitate for the client. Once the client has the experience, you can name it and provide the conceptual piece. This cultivates credibility in the therapist and the IFS model, enabling increased trust and positive risk-taking in the therapeutic environment.

Drawing from his knowledge of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and other approaches, Bruce outlines The Matrix of internal Representation with its constituent elements, modalities and submodalities, where every client must go to make meaning of their experience and communicate about it to others. The tiniest noticeable aspects of this may be called 'Qualia.'

This is the stuff parts are made of, and are the Internal Reality equivalent of what in External Reality we call 'Quanta' - the smallest aspects of matter - which shift from particle to wave or vice versa just by being observed at the quantum level. By Joining with the client in observing details at the Qualia level, the wave/particle shift produces an energy transduction from Part-energy to Self-energy, eliciting Self from within the Part. This Inside-Out phenomenon is the reverse of what we typically see when engaging in In-SIght, where we start with the Self looking inward to the Part, which we might call Outside-In.

Although this workshop decidedly begins with Direct Access, which can be either explicit or implicit, it is much more than that - as the blended part becomes curious about itself through the quantum unfurling of additional dimensions.

Applying for 6.0 CEU by CSL toward IFS certification & recertification.

Applying for 6.0 CEU by NBCC & ASWB.

Prerequisite: 20 hours of IFS workshops.

Expanding from 3 hours to 6

Based on the positive response from the initial participants, this program is expanding to 6 hours to provide time for full demonstration and incremental practice opportunities.

Course Objectives

By the end of the training participants will:

  1. Learn at least one way to shift a client's attention to their internal experience.
  2. Learn at least 3 dimensions of internal experience and their constituent elements.
  3. Understand the technique of back-filling IFS concepts after leading the client to experience them.

Bring this workshop to your group!

This workshop can be made available to your agency, staff, or group. Contact Bruce to discuss your needs and review the options.

Locations and Dates TBA

$150 registration

Register & pay online or mail check and contact info to:

Bruce Hersey

217 Union Ave. 2nd Floor

Altoona PA 16602

Special Accommodations: Please contact Bruce (814) 944-3852

Cancellation Policy: Full refund of amount paid less $20 processing fee until 30 days prior to workshop date. As of that date, no refunds issued.