Accepted Delegate

Dear Rebecca Farrugia,

It comes with great happiness from me and my team to inform you that you have been accepted for the WE LEAD conference in Malta this March! Your application was complete so…. Congratulations! :)

Please open the links of the second delegate booklet to have more information about the conference and the agenda itself, our lovely Malta, transport, the crazy parties and the post-study tour: http://issuu.com/aiesecmalta/docs/booklet_2

Nevertheless, we would like to inform you that spaces for the conference are limited, hence we require you to confirm that you are coming via an e-mail with your contact details (Facebook and Skype). If you do not reply within 48 hours, your application has to be considered withdrawn. Also, if you require a visa, it is your responsibility to acquire one to attend the conference.

Kindly also bear in mind that the agenda in itself is aimed for WENA and CEE countries, hence it may not be in line with what is going on in your region. However, by attending this conference, it will help raise your awareness on what is going on in other countries, promote exchanges to other countries, give you tools, ideas, techniques and strategies within your local committees and to further both your leadership positions, especially if you're interested to apply for an an exchange or a leadership position in either WENA or CEE.

Here are a few deadlines that you need to bear in mind:

23rd February: Deposit of 60% of payment (117 euro) or payment in full (195 euro). Till this date, the cancellation fee is free.

2nd March: Full payment of the remaining 40% (78 euro).

Cancellations: For free till the 23rd of February, but after this date there will be no refunds.

It is important that you send us a screenshot of the payment being made to Kirsten, CCVP Finance Manager on kirsten.azzopardi@aiesec.net and include your full name.

A receipt will be sent to you once the final payment has been processed.

After the 3rd round closes on the 14th of February, you will be automatically added to the WE LEAD FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1650788461861559/?fref=ts

Looking forward to seeing you in March for the event that will further your leadership skills and connect you with other AIESECers!

If you have any financial inquiry, do not hesitate to contact kirsten.azzopardi@aiesec.net and if you have any further inquiries, kindly contact me on clyde.sammut@aiesec.net.

See ya!

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