Factors and theories of ageing

Task 3

Factors that affecting ageing

The word ageing means change as time goes by or when you getting older that also classifies as ageing. An example some of the factors that affect ageing is


As people age it is very important that they eat very healthy food for example they should eat more vitamin A and C, calcium, iron, protein and fiber. The ageing of the body can be influenced by a lot of things during life events. In order to live a healthy lifestyle you should eat a lot nutrients.


The way most people age is because of their family genes. Its has been years and years of research but no one really knows the real reason why people get old. Many scientist did their research and came to realize that our genes get damaged over time

More factors that affect ageing.


The environment that you living in can also affect ageing. Living a bad lifestyle can also affect your health. The examples of living a bad lifestyle include not eating healthy, drinking alcohol on a daily basis and lack of exercise which can lead to early death.

Theories of ageing

Disengagement theory

It is on everyone's wish list to age well. When people age this increases and organism vulnerability which as time goes by will lead to death. As people get older they start to disengage because of reduced physical health and loss of the social opportunities. When you age and start to withdraw from social involvement, this all happens naturally.


In order to prevent to prevent disengagement from going too far you need to keep your body active, for example doing regular excises and eating healthy on a daily basis. When an individual is ageing and they do not do any activities then this will lead to them isolating themselves from the society.