The Harlem Renaissance

"Great Migration"

The Great Migration

affected by the Great Migration Most of the African-American literary movement arose from a generation that had lived through the gains and losses. after the Civil War. Sometimes their parents or grandparents had been slaves. Their ancestors had sometimes benefited by paternal investment in cultural capital, including better-than-average education. Many in the Harlem Renaissance were part of the Great Migration

The Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance was a movement that African-American cultural expressions across the urban areas in the Northeast and Midwest United States During this period, the musical style of blacks was becoming more and more attractive to whites. White novelists, dramatists and composers started to exploit the musical tendencies and themes of African–Americans in their works. Composers used poems written by African-American poets in their songs, and would implement the rhythms, harmonies and melodies of African-American music—such as Blues, Spirituals , and jazz.

Famous People in the Harlem Renaissance


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