Winter Weather Plan 2020-21

Bremerton School District (updated 2/15/2021)

Winter Weather Plan 2020-21

Like the rest of 2020-21, our Winter Weather Plan is a bit different this year than in past years! Please take a moment to review the following information for snow days and power outages so you are aware of the plan for your student's grade level and/or learning pathway.

We make every effort to make the decision about school closures due to winter weather by 6 a.m. We will communicate information and updates about weather impacts on school via:

*Note: Because many of our students are not attending school in-person, we will not be sending out Districtwide "robo calls" at this time. Beginning February 15, calls will go to families with K-5 Hybrid Learning students and P-12 students receiving in-person special education services. Beginning February 18, families with students enrolled in the Restorative School will also receive calls.

Snow Days

In the event of a Snow Day in the Bremerton School District, all learning will be online.

  • School buildings are closed.

  • There is no in-person/classroom learning for any students.

  • Students will participate in Connected Learning (online).

  • Students should check their teacher's/teachers' Google Classroom/Seesaw for instructions.

  • The day will count as a school day (so we will not be required to make the day up at the end of the school year!).

Please see guidance below pertaining to your student's grade level/learning pathway.


We will make every effort to provide meals on snow days.

  • Meals will only be available for pick-up at Mountain View Middle School and Bremerton High School from 9:30-11 a.m.
  • Meals will not be delivered by bus.

Preschool guidance

  • Teachers to provide online opportunities for students.
  • Students should check-in to Google Classroom/SeeSaw.

Elementary guidance

  • There will be no face-to-face learning for any students.

  • Students should log-on to their teacher's Google Classroom for information and updates

  • Grades K-5 Hybrid and Connected students: See snow day schedule below

  • Flexible Learning grades K-5: No change

Snow day schedule for K-2 Hybrid and Connected Learning pathway students

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Flexible Learning grades K-5 / Home Link (K-8) guidance

No change for our Flexible Learning or Home Link students.

Secondary (grades 6-12) guidance

Secondary students should follow regular Connected Learning (online) schedule:

Bremerton High School:

  • The classes that are held at BHS will be canceled and the building will be closed.
  • Teachers who have in-person classes will communicate directly with families.
  • Sports practices/events are canceled for the day.

West Sound Technical Skills Center:

Open Doors Career & Academic Program

  • The building will be closed.
  • In-person classes will be done online.
  • Students should reach out to their teacher(s) to schedule one-on-one support online.

Special Education guidance

Families with special education students who have been receiving in-person services should check their email/Remind texts for updated educational activities to replace the day's in-person schedule.
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We will make every effort to provide meals for our families - even in the case of a power outage.

Any changes to meal distribution due to power outages will be communicated ASAP with families via our usual communication channels (please see above).

Widespread power outages

BSD will work with Puget Sound Energy to determine how wide-spread the power outage is. If it is determined that the power will not be restored to the greater Bremerton area by 9:30 a.m., it will be a non-school day for all students.

  • All Bremerton School District facilities closed.
  • This will not count as a school day and BSD may be required to make-up the day at the end of the school year (June 17 & 18. View the academic calendar.)
  • There will be no synchronous/asynchronous or in-person/classroom learning.

Power outage impacting a school or neighborhood

In the case of a power outage impacting a school or neighborhood, the decision will be made on a case-by-case basis and included in the decision will be whether or not Puget Sound Energy predicts the school will be without power for the majority of the day. A decision about the feasibility of transitioning to asynchronous learning for the day will be assessed. If not feasible due to a wide-spread lack of power, school may be canceled for the impacted building(s).

Please see information below pertaining to your student's learning pathway.

Elementary Hybrid Learning pathway students

  • Hybrid pathway students at schools not impacted by power outage will attend school in-person as scheduled.

  • Ideally, Hybrid pathway students who attend schools impacted by power outage will pivot to asynchronous learning if power outage is not widespread.

  • If the outage is widespread in a neighborhood, the District may cancel school for that building *

*BSD would need to apply for a waiver to the state for the missed day(s); if the waiver is not granted, the impacted school(s) may be required to make-up the day(s) at the end of the school year.

Elementary Connected Learning

  • Connected Learning continues on regular schedule.
  • Students without power should contact their teachers as soon as possible.

Flexible Learning grades K-5 / Home Link (K-8)

No change for our Flexible Learning or Home Link students.
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