Shamp's Champs

Be a SHAMPion, Use Google Classroom

Make your life easier, use Google Classroom to Submit Assignments

No More Printing

No More Printing Problems

No More Forgetting Your Assignment at Home, in your Mom's Car, Your Locker, etc.

From Home, right after school, on the weekend...

or from your mobile phone while watching your brother play lacrosse!

Everyone is doing it! And everyone agrees, it is so much easier than the old way, printing = boring - time waste - paper waste - pointless

Guaranteed to be Fun AND Relaxing

Who Does Not Use Google Classroom?


Old People

People Who LOVE Printer and have Stock in Toner Cartridges

Cave Men (Oh wait, if Cavemen had Google Classroom, they would have evolved into awesome humans)

Anyone who doesn't love being Rick Rolled or did not watch the Naptown Funk video

Classroom 101