Friday, February 12th PD

8:00-3:00 BCHS

Staff Meeting

All Sessions in the High School Library unless otherwise indicated


  • Risk Taking
  • Student Learning Objectives
  • Technology Support
  • January Incentive
  • Technology updates from Roy
  • Guided Academics
  • Title 1 Checklists
  • M-STEP small groups
  • Apps, NearPod lessons, Smartboard lessons
  • Spring Testing
  • Robotics/STEM
  • JH Concerns/Bullying
  • Academic Games
  • M-Step, PSAT, SAT Plans and websites for practice questions
  • STEM Endorsement--What is it?
  • Duel Enrollment (SC4 & Sanilac ISD)
  • Recognition
  • They Need Us

Departmental Meetings


Science--Lesley, Amy, Anthony, Maria (with Neil)

Math--Audrey, Lou, Lori, Katie, Carolyn

English--Sandi, Jarrod, Corinne, Michele, Jennifer

Social Studies--Bob, Jesse, Jim

Electives--Febe, Russ, Sarah, Liz

  • What test prep plans and strategies are you using to help students prepare for upcoming testing dates?
  • How are you incorporating technology to help with this prep?
  • Is there any cross-curricular planning happening (if so share with your group), if not what are some areas you could look at to include this?
  • What websites/Apps are you each using for resources?
  • How "on pace" are you compared to your pacing guide? Is your pacing guide up-to-date? Do we need to look at pacing guides?
  • How are you differentiating in your classroom?
  • What changes would your department like to see to next year's schedule?

Grade Level Meetings


Junior High--Jarrod, Jesse, Sarah, Lou, Maria, Lori, Liz, Anthony, Lesley, Michele, Carolyn, Jennifer

High School--Audrey, Corinne, Bob, Jim, Amy, Russ, Febe, Katie, Sandi,

Junior High--Go through both 7th and 8th grade lists and mark kids (non-special ed) who should have a small group setting for their M-Step testing. For each kid document why this setting would be beneficial. The elementary did this last year, but we did not, and it may help some of our scores. Also, I am looking for the most successful way to break up that 8th grade group to help our scores. Neil will be with this group.

High School--Break down 9th and 10th grade PSAT Data. Corinne will lead the 10th grade group (Corinne, Jim, Amy, Russ, Katie) and Bob will lead the 9th grade group (Bob, Audrey, Sandi, Febe)

Technology Sessions


We can add others to the list if you would like. Just let me know what other apps or technology you would like to cover. The plan is to share some of these, and then you will work on a couple of them (that fit your classroom) after lunch.


11:30-12:00 On Your Own

School Improvement Plan


Bob, Sandi, Anthony, Neil

Special Education


Michele, Carolyn, Katie, and Jennifer meet to go over new guidelines with IEP's. When done you will join the technology group.

Technology in the Classroom, In Lori's old room.


You will take two of the apps/websites/technology resources and create a way to incorporate them into your classroom. Please bring resources (textbooks, worksheets, etc) that may be needed to help with this. When you are done either send me a link (if there is one), or send me an email stating what you did.

Audrey and Corinne will oversee this meeting and help anyone (if it is an app they know) on how to do it. The plan is a "TEAM" effort helping those who don't use these resources as often or are not familiar with them. I will join this group about 12:30 to help answer any questions you may have for me.

Reading Strategies, Presented by Corinne and Sandi


I have asked Corinne and Sandi to go over the different reading strategies that our English department is teaching and using. These are strategies that we should be using across all subjects, and it needs to be supported in all content areas. These are also the recommended strategies to help our students be successful on their state assessments (so long-term thinking--it directly impacts your data component of evaluation in upcoming years).

Classroom Management


This will be a whole group and small group discussion to look at strategies currently used by our staff to help with classroom management. Just as in every area of teaching, some of our staff is better at this aspect than others. Some are using strategies that would be helpful in other classrooms. Some are continually trying the same strategy (it's in their comfort zone) that is continually producing an undesirable result.

The goal is to help each other on what works (maybe with certain kids or certain age groups) and what doesn't work. At the end of the day, we would like our class hour to be spent mostly on teaching our curriculum and not dealing with classroom management if possible.

PowerPoint Link

SLO's and Evaluations


  • Review what is needed from the SLO's
  • Share some of the SLO's created by staff
  • Update growth target goals
  • Data components due after 3rd marking period
  • Observations from me as I have been getting into rooms
  • Evaluation plan as we finish out the year

  • Update PD on MOECS, Remember to bring your username and password. Bob sent an email about this earlier in the week.