fishing tee shirt

fishing tee shirt

fishing tee shirt

I am sure that you've heard that bass fishing is an interest for lots of people; it's such a laid back, lazy method to spend time close to the water. But maybe you have found out about the bass fishing maniacs available, the one's that live and breathe bass fishing and all it entails? I am aware one maniac personally. fishing tee shirt

When I say maniac I am talking about it encompasses every part of his life, let's start with his clothes. Every one of his tee shirts and dress shirts have something linked to bass fishing on them, every single one. He recently stumbled on a marriage of a mutual friend and his dress shirt, tie and hat all were covered on bass fishing pictures and quotes. fishing tee shirt

His car and truck both seem like bait shops on wheels. You will find fishing lures, jigs and rubber worms hanging everywhere along side rods and reels, fishing nets, hats and whatever else you might find in a bait shop. The seats are cover with bass fishing seat covers and the floors are adorned with bass fishing floor mats. Lets not your investment collection of bass fishing bumper stickers that cover the bumpers and back windows. Know more

His house is really a monument to the sport. I begins with his kitchen; he's bass dishes, cups, glasses and utensils, pots and pans. Bass curtains, dishtowels and dish clothes. The kitchen table is in the shape of a massive big mouth bass mouth and the chairs in the shape of your body of the fish, very strange looking. The light fixture is and outlet covers are replicas of the fish and the floor has some sort of a massive sticker right in the midst of one of these simple fish.

Next comes the tiny bathroom stuffed with a million different samples of this fish. The towels, wash rags, rug, shower curtain, toilet paper holder, soap dish, tooth brush, pictures, wall paper and the doorway knob all bass. I get disoriented whenever I am in there it is so overwhelming.

The family area is not left out of this monument; no it is more just like the focal point of the complete house. The tv screen is mounted above the mantel and is behind a wooden structure he'd built that appears like a massive big mouth bass with its mouth open and the screen is placed inside the mouth. Then as I believe you can guess the curtains, rugs, pillows, lamps, knick-knacks, pictures, magazines, tables and chairs are typical of bass. The couch is covered with a fish pictured throw and he even has a fish phone. He does however have one piece of furniture that I actually do really like. It is his coffee table, it is constructed of oak and glass, the very best and sides are typical glass surrounded by oak. In the glass enclosure is really a underwater scene of the bass fish environment, it is very beautiful.

Unfortunately, or even fortunately I cannot describe his bedroom, I have yet to have a look in there but I am told it is a great deal more of the same. I am told he's getting married in 4 months and I recently cannot wait to meet the lucky girl. Maybe she shares exactly the same "passion" for the sport. I have already begun my seek out the right bass fishing maniacs wedding gift.