Year 7 Geography 2012-2013

Things that 7B2 have been learning about this year

Geography lessons.

In geography lessons, throughout year seven, we have learnt about a variety of diferent subject. Some of which included:Homes and habitats, the United Kingdom, settlements, Bluewater shopping centre and a range of other subjects. We have also visited Gressenhall were we aimed to extend our knowledge about homes and habitats even further. Here are the subjects we have covered in more detail..... 

United Kingdom map

In lessons with Mr Bishop, we were learning about the countries, counties, villages, cities and towns in the United Kingdom. After a few lessons we began to recognise the locations of the large cities in England and those of us who were more experienced  in the subject, began to recognise the main towns of Ireland, Scotland and Wales also. As part of our lessons we did many tests. The latest test in which we took part in, consisted of a series of questions asking where differnet cities where situated  in the United Kingdom. After struggling through i managed to score 11/15