Privacy and Security

Is your privacy and security in danger?


Helpful Tips

  1. Avoid common names
  2. Use a mix of the alphabet and numbers
  3. Change your password every 6 months
  4. Don't use your name
  5. Make sure your password is more than 8 characters long

6 "Digital Life" Hacks, for Your Passwords!


Many times scams are very tricky. Just make sure that if something is too good to be true it probably is and make sure than when you are in doubt question everything.
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All passwords should not be shared to secure privacy with all pf your accounts and from preventing hackers to steal all your information.
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User Agreements

Although user agreements are pages and pages long they do have some valuable information. I would not read everything but just give it a quick glace to make sure you have a general idea of the User Agreements. If you don't like something you should not get the account.