Advice for you, courtesy of Brooke Elkjer

Stay in school kids! If you do, great things will happen! Trust me!

For example, I, Brooke Elkjer, chose the cure for cancer today and it was so simple the whole time-- don’t know how no one had ever picked it before. And yes, I just said picked because who would want to “think” or “discover” a cure to cancer when you can just pick an option!

I would like to thank all of my teachers, and all teachers for that matter, for teaching me how to pick answers. Thank you for showing me that when you guess, you have a twenty-five percent chance of getting it right in life. And even when you are in the seventy-five percent, you can do corrections!

That’s how I did this-- that’s how I discovered the cure to cancer. It was so simple, even lazy people could do it! You know, the way they teach you in school-- even the lazy people can do well! Remember that kid in the back of the class who slept all the time and then guessed on test day and then made an A? Well today is his lucky day because all you have to do in the real world is guess! Then you’ll make it big!

Okay, so here is the process. First, wait for the ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ and ‘D’ answer choices to pop up. They pop up with little bubbles and you just have to fill one of them in. Then, just guess! If your name is Bob, pick ‘B’. If your name is Danny, pick ‘D’. If the name trick doesn’t work for you, just pick a letter! Guess! Because then, if you get it wrong, you can just guess again when doing your life corrections. Yup, out here in the real world we have corrections the same way you do in school. It’s great how the real world is so much like school!

So just trust me and stay in that school, so that you can learn to make it in the world, the way I, Brooke Elkjer, am making it in life. Did I mention that I discovered the cure to cancer?

Seminar by Brooke Elkjer- MAKE IT BIG

Wednesday, April 6th, 9-11pm

9449 Church Road

Dallas, TX

Come one and all to learn how Brooke Elkjer cured cancer and how you can MAKE IT BIG too!