ATP Prototype Demo

Manhattan Conference Room

Friday, March 27th, 10am

77 Water St

New York, NY

Want to dial in?

+1.888.240.2560 (US) or +1.416.900.2956 (Canada)

Meeting ID: 782911003

Join us!

Last month we asked Capco to share your ideas for our most recent ATP group to run with. We promised you access to bright, new talent to help you drive your idea while they learn the ropes in our new Immersion-style program. They have selected two ideas and have been ideating, refining, and crowd-sourcing how to best address these projects all week.

This Friday, March 27th, they will present the prototypes that they’ve developed! We want to invite you, their stakeholders, customers, and supporters, to join us in the Manhattan Conference Room at 10am and see what they've come up with!

The Induction Revamp Project

This group has chosen to take our current induction program that is delivered every week and create a new and engaging orientation program that will showcase Capco’s culture by connecting on and off site inductees through the use of innovative technologies.

The Reverse Coaching Project

This group has chosen to build out the new reverse mentorship model that brings together two levels of employees across domains in order to create dialogue and exchange ideologies. This program will enable leadership to become immersed in the emerging generational perspective that associates offer in order to mature to a true meritocracy.
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