Panther Youth Basketball League

Building the foundation of the Panthers

Game Location Change

Due to some district conflicts of gym space, we are moving the PYBL games to South Middle School. The schedule shows the location change. Please make sure everyone on your team is aware of the change.

Practices are Changing

We will change the time of your practices this week. The 6-7:30-time slot will only go until 7:15. The 7:30-time slot will begin at 7:15 and go until 8:30 or sooner if the coach completes their practice. The times will not be noted on the website our PYBL coaches will know the change.

We will have some conflicts with practices this upcoming week. If your team is listed in red, you will be moved to the highlighted orange version of your team.

What are the 'Skills of Basketball?'

Basketball is a game of skill that requires hours of individual practice to perfect. Players must be able to do a variety of skills in order to perform at the highest level. This is why at the beginning of the game sessions, we devote time working with the future Panthers. We hope to give them the knowledge of how to work on the skills of the game. The skills are dribbling (using the FRIENDS routine), shooting, passing, and pivoting. There are other components of basketball but these are a majority of the important skills that players need to strive to improve.


Pictures will be returned no later than our last game. If you have any questions about the pictures please see the website where you will find the information about the photographer.

Please Watch This Video

This video is an outstanding illustration of the role of parents in the raising of young athlete. I hope you will take the time to watch.
Changing the game in youth sports: John O'Sullivan at TEDxBend


Uniforms will be picked up the first day of PYBL games. All players will wear a short of their choice and soft soled shoes. The uniform top will be at the gym with their coach one the first day.