C.A.M.P. at Home

Lone Star Longhorns Learning at Home

Week of April 20-24

We LOVE seeing pictures of our Longhorns learning at home!! Please keep them coming! We miss you!

Computer and Library

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Email Mrs. Sample at tracie.sample@misd.org

Reading about Space

MakerSpace and Tech in Space

Tumble Book Library, one of my favorite eBook providers, is giving free access until August 31. You will find everything from picture books to full length chapter books. Click on the Tumble Book Library login information below to find the username and password. I have also included this information in LSE Usernames and Passwords below.

Tumble Book Library Login Information

Free eBook Resources

LSE Usernames and Passwords


Click here for Mrs. Ritchie's website and the Doodle Challenge Calendar! Click on each day for a drawing guide!

Send your pictures to stacy.ritchie@misd.org

Our art projects this week are "OUT OF THIS WORLD!"

Planets with Mrs. Ritchie

Two ways to make these!

Option 1: Black construction paper, chalk, circle lids of different sizes

Option 2: regular white paper, markers, crayons, circle lids of different sizes

Super-Cute Alien with Mrs. Ritchie

paper, markers/ crayons, pencil

More Space Art to try!

Straw, paper, string, scissors, glue, tape

Paper plate, paper cup, paint and jewels (suggested, but decorate however you wish!), hot glue is recommended, newspaper, string (optional) -Parent help needed with gluing

Paper towel roll, paper, scissors, tape, glue, tissue paper, string, hole punch

flour, black, blue or purple food coloring, cooking oil, cream of tartar, salt -Parent help needed

Paper cups, scissors, rubber bands, crayons/markers to decorate


Click here for Mrs. Gauthier's Website

Email Mrs. Gauthier at andrea.gauthier@misd.org

Join Mrs. Gauthier for a nature adventure this week. Click on the link below to hear the story Going on a Lion Hunt and see if Mrs. Gauthier finds a lion!

For other related activities and songs visit the links below:

  • Lion Puppet Craft - instructions and printables for making a paper sack lion puppet to use while you read along with the story.
  • Going on a Bear Hunt -(YouTube video) In this version, students can hunt for a bear instead of a lion. Students can sing along and create moves to go along with it.

Quaver also has a version of the song Going on a Bear Hunt and I have placed the song as an assignment on Quavermusic.com for you to sing and move along with.

Quaver Info

Students are still able to create a student account to access resources from our music curriculum at Quavermusic.com. For instructions on how to create your student account and start exploring, click on the link below:

How to Access Quavermusic

Once you have created your account, you can start exploring the different features of your Student Dashboard. If you haven't already, be sure to click on the ASSIGNMENTS button to see different lessons and activities.

If you have any trouble when creating your account, please email me at andrea.gauthier@misd.org

P. E. with Mrs. Wisnieske and Mrs. Jones

Click here for Mrs. Wisnieske's website

Email Mrs. Wisnieske at sherrie.wisnieske@misd.org

We hope you are enjoying working out and exercising to some of the workout videos. Click on all of them and see which workouts you like the best. This week there is jump rope, line dances, games, strengthening, and yoga. Remember: KEEP MOVING!


Come Jump Rope with Mrs. Wisnieske: 14 Jump Rope Challenges

10 Minute Jump Rope Cardio Workout with Coach Nicole

SPACE THEME Workout Videos

Mik and Muttnik on The Moon/A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure with Jaime

Workout for Kids: Space Run

PE at HOME (fun games to play inside)

PE at Home with Mr. G - Scavenger Hunt Word Battle

PE at Home: Fun Favorite from OPEN Physed with Mike Morris


7 in 7 Kids Full Body Strength and Core Workout (Group HIIT)


Zumba Kids - Electronic Song - Minions with Dovydas