School Food and Beverage

Information regarding Peel School Food and Beverage Policy

Your Food and Beverage Rep

Hello, just to make you aware that I am your Food and Beverage Rep for our school. So if you have any questions relating to class celebrations, healthy fundraising, etc then please let me know. I may know the answer, and if I don't I'll try my best to find out, and if I can't find out I'll just make it up! (Last part is a lie). I will try my best to keep you up-to-date as I recvieve information and hopefully we can work together to move our school forward in a healthy, positive way that benefits everybody.

Cook With Amber

Amber is a 10-yr old healthy kid chef, cooking show host, TV personality, and 5th grader. She knows that eating well, moving well, and thinking well, are key to a happy life! She wants all kids to know that “Being healthy is COOL!”

Her online healthy cooking show “Cook With Amber” shows kids how easy and fun it is to make and delicious, healthy, kid-friendly meals. Jamie Oliver has taken notice, and Amber is now part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube family.

Take 90 seconds to see why it's cool to be healthy!

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