Macinac Island, Michigan

By: Olivia Jungwirth

Macinac island Facts

My dream vacation is Macinac island, it's in the upper peninsula of Michigan. The island is 3.4 square miles big. There are no vehicles there so the air is very clean. The people there get around by horse back, bike, or they walk. The movie,"Somewhere in time" was filmed there at the grand hotel, during the movie it has one scene where one of the main characters rides in a car on the island. The people there were okay with having that one scene/little event. The Grand Hotel is very expensive, just for one person it's almost $425,000 a night. The Grand Hotel has a school for draper designs. The grand Hotels was made on May 1, 1887. In 2015 the Grand Hotel turned 128 years old. During the winter the water surrounding the island freezes over. People put there old Christmas trees in a strait line from the main land to the island so if someone wants to go to the main land or go to the island they won't get lost. In the summer the island is very pretty with all of the flowers and green. To get to the island you will have to take a bout to get there. I want to visit this place because one of my favorite movie is."Somewhere In time." and the movie was filmed there at the grand hotel and outside of the hotel.
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18hr 43 min. to get there, and it's 1,252 miles away! If I ever went I would love to take my Best Friend Trinity Eten. We will get there by a plane and will stay for at least a week. there are a lot of things to see and a few days are not enough
I will stay at a hotel not on the island, it's very expensive to stay on the island. The hotel is a 4.2/5 hotel with a hot tube and a swimming pool. People might not use it because the hotel it is right by the beach, and people might want to swim in clear blue water rather than a pool with no one there to see. The hotel is $67 a night! My friend Trinity will stay with me and we will see all of the sights there and will have the best time ever.


My room has breakfast included each morning. So the hotel cost is about $475 including tax. I would eat lunch estimating around $20 a day; so $140 for lunch for the entire week. then dinner would be the same! $140. it would add up to $755 just for food. I would have to eat in the Grand Hotel at least once so that would be around $850 just for the food. The flight is a round trip; to go there and to come back for about $275 all the way. The Air line is United! I would have extra money, so it would be around $500. I would walk and ride a bike so I would need no cash for gas.

While I'm There

While we are there, me and Trinity will go sight seeing and walk everywhere and have the best time of our lives!! We will ride bikes and walk around in the grand hotel and so many other things. The best part about it is that we get to go into the Grand hotel!! I know that I machined this so many times but if you have ever seen it and the movie," Somewhere In Time", you would under stand!!
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