Tech Theater Review

by Varun Elete and Sam Castranova

Set Design

Building Flats- Flats are made of 2x4s and plywood

Using Wood- Wood can be made for flats
Using Tools-Miter saws and table saws can cut wood

Safety rules-Always wear goggles

Types of theaters- Current set up is black box theather

Elements of Design







Lighting Design

ERS-Focused light from long distances

Fresnel-Soft light on large area

Strip Lights-Washes large area

Control Board controls of light operated by light board operator

Floodlight-lights large areas

Sound Design

Reinforcements-Actors louder

Acoustics-Building design for sound transfer

Balance-voice+BG Balance

Frequency-vibrate ratio

Pitch-sound transmission

Make Up and Costume

blood and gore-red makeup based

victorian-old style dress

beauty- lots of highlights to outline face and make it brighter

old age-wrinkles made through shadows

Wild west-different clothing style, more bombastic

fantasy- one of the freest forms of costume that can be medieval