Cottontail Rabbit

By: Josephine R. Payne

ALL About Cottontail Rabbits


The cottontail rabbit lives in snowy, grassy, rocky, soft, hard, woods, forest, fields, and medows.


The cottontail rabbit learns knew ways to adapt to it's new environment.Some of the cottontail rabbits adaptations are blending in with their surroundings, hiding, and paying very close attention.

( they can even learn to live with humans )

Food And Diet

This animal is a herbivore which means that they are vegetarians. Cottontail rabbits eat grasses, herbs, peas, lettuce, clover, dandilions, tulips, beans, beets, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. But, in the winter time their diet changes to bark, twigs, and buds.

How Humans Harm Cottontail Rabbits

We kill thousands of them a year by shooting and skining them.

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

How We Can Help Cottontails

We can help them by recycling, not littering, not shooting them, and not skinning them.

Special Features This Animal Has

The cottontail rabbit do not migrate, but they are mostly activate during dawn and dusk. Also, cottontail rabbits are very patient and observant.