Ladies fashion of the 1950s

What ladies wore in the 50s

Hi I'm Jack. I'm go to show you some stuff about fashion in the 50s. For ladies. Some of the things that I'm going to tell you about are what they wore what they did with there hair. With much more of things about ladies fashion of the 1950s.

Fun facts

1.) When a poodle skirt is done it actually has a poodle on it. (

2.) Most people in the 50s looked like an hour glass. (Donna Cosmato)

3.) Three popular hairstyles in the 50s were a ponytail,bouffant, and a poodle cut. (Niven)

4.) The basketball players in the 50s wore knee pads on their shins. (The American Dream in the 1950s.)

5.) These white socks sent teens on the path of rebelion. (


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