Night of the twisters

By Ivy Ruckman











Aunt Goldie

Officer Kelly

Ronnie Vae



Grandma Hatch/Grandpa Hatch

Minerva 2

princess flee bag


On June 3 1980 they didn't what was coming. So what happened is they were out at the beach with roonie vae and Stacey. Then it started getting cold so then they went home. He watched tv and it said that there was going to be a tornado. His mom went to go warn Mrs. Smiley. Mom Said" if the tornado hit go grab Ryan and go to the basement. So then she left. The tornado hit. They went to go grab Ryan,a flashlight,and the radio.It went of saying CD,CD,CD{which means civil defence }. So they grap ryan and ran to the basement. When it calmed down they tried to go upstairs. The problem was that they were traped in the basement. There mom was not back yet. They were trying to get out but it just was not working right. about an half an hour later Stacey came to help them out. They were walking down the street and they met there mom at the corner an she was so happy. They got in a cop car to go to Kmart but they ran into a tornado. So they went to an armory. Officer Kelly went to get heath care. The kids went up to go to sleep in the jail sell. When morning came they got a ride to there family. Arthur and Stacey found there dad. Dan got drop of at a street so he could find his family but he could not find his family so he said this "home base is home base".


They got stuck in the basement so they had Stacey help them. He got stuck with nobody to help him so he said"home base is home base".


*It happened in Grand Island Nebreska.

*It happened on June 3rd.

*The real cats name was Tea.


They were in the jail sell to sleep.

Dan was In the car with mrs. Menitti.

Stacey,dan,Arthur,and officer Kelly were in the cop car when the almost got hit by a tornado.