The Seven Breeds

There are seven breads of cows. Their names are Holstein Black and White, Holstein Red and White, Brown Swiss, Airshire, Milking Shorthorn, Jersey, and Geurnsey. Holsteins are the most popular cows on Earth and Brown Swiss cows are the oldest.

What Cows Do

Cows do 4 things each day, milking, eating, laying down, and walking.

Cows milk at least 3 times a day. Milking machines can milk up to 800 cows a time. The best cows can give more than 25 gallons of milk. Thats 400 glasses of milk but when milk is kept in a warm place for a long time, it starts to get sour.

Cows eat a lot of stuff such as: corn, hay, wheat, beans, herbs, clovers, and many more things. Cows can eat up to 40 pounds of food each day and drink 4 to 36 gallons of water.Cows move their jaw 60,000 times a day. That makes 25 gallons of saliva.

Beef Cows

Beef products have things in them that we need to be healthy. Beef cows hides make a lot of stuff like: shoes, baseball gloves, and many more things

Interesting Facts

Did you know that California produces the most milk and Wisconsin is second in the U.S.?

Travelers in hot sandy deserts bring camels for milk. In Central Asia, a yogurt drink called kefir is made by horse's milk. In Asia and South America, people milk buffaloes and a Italian mozzarella cheese often comes from water buffaloes. In Tibet and Nepal, people make cheese called chhurpi from yak's milk. A yak is a type of cattle with long hair and horns. Cows live in every contenint except Antartica.


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