In my opinion we have a problem today in America; white people are simply ignorant and rude. The surprising thing is while whites persecute black people they try so hard to understand and sometimes even be black. As an African American we have a message for you. Dear white people not all black people love fried chicken, and no you cannot touch our hair simply because yours is limp and lifeless. "Dear white people" do not think that you can simply date a black guy just to make your parents angry, we have feelings to. "Dear white people" do not think that just because you have black friends it is ok to say the N word. Your people don’t even have a racial slur that we can call you to offend you because, your ancestors were the oppressors. So yes we say the N word to each other however, that is because we say it as a term of endearment striping power from it. "Dear white people" black people cannot be racist. Racism is prejudice, or discrimination based on the belief that one's own race is superior. Every balck person in the world is proud to be black we have a whole month to celebrate it , where as white people don’t need one. Let’s be honest here every white person in America isn’t nearly afraid of cops or getting a job as black people. So here’s what I suppose so we can bring about equality and white people can have their own sense of resilience and even have their own racial terms of endearment. Let’s enslave white people for a100 years come up with restricting laws for 2 more centuries and then see the outcome that way in a sense they can rise up from oppression like we did.
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