Week #3

Plot Diagram Review

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Review Skill - Sequence

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Frozen Vido Clip

  • Watch the following YouTube clip, then download the interactive notebook below
  • Complete the sequence page, sequencing cards, cause/effect and main idea page.
Frozen interesting video clip


  • Watch the following YouTube video and then complete the activities below.
Oktapodi (2007) - Oscar 2009 Animated Short Film

Gopher Broke

  • Watch the following Youtube video and then complete the sequencing sheet below.
Gopher Broke // Animation - Short Film

The Night I Followed the Dog

  • Watch/listen to the following picture book and then complete the graphic organizer below.
The Night I Followed the Dog read by Amanda Bynes
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Worksheet Review Practice

Readers and Writers Workbook page 407

Workbook pages (DVD):

page 331

page 407

page 327

Click below to access workbook pages