2nd Hand News

October 14-17

We had a short week in 2nd grade, and because I was away for a family event and Mrs. Wolf helped us by stepping in, there are no pictures to share this week. We worked on hard and soft G words (and wow, we are super spellers in 2nd grade!). In math we are continuing on with regrouping, while remembering that place value is vital as we turn towards more complicated calculating. Our writing is coming along and I'm impressed with how students are working through the editing process and learning to overcome small instances of writer's block. It was wonderful to see so many 2nd graders at the 5k on Saturday! Next week is a short one, so a math packet will be coming home instead of spelling activities. I'm looking forward to sharing our thoughts and ideas about our students at conferences.

The October 28th Pumpkin Patch hat picks are Colby and Erik. Thank you for the HUGE interest! I hope it doesn't rain, and I'm confident that we will find the Great Pumpkin.

Happy Sunday!

With a smile,

Mrs. Nyce