How I teach

I use a 4 part lesson plan outlined in Accelerated Learning by Smith, Lovatt and Wise. This format is aligned with Direct Instruction which Hattie identifies as one of the most effective teaching methods to support student success.

Here's a link to a lesson plan template specifically tailored to Spec Ed classes:

Facilitating learning about Spec Ed students: who are they?

I had the opportunity to plan and facilitate 2 release days with vocational teachers from two schools. Together we identified and explored who our students were, our expectations of them and what we could do to help them meet their potential. This involved teachers working together to co-plan lessons and assessments for core courses including English, Math, Science, History, Geography, etc.

Facilitation flow:


Co-teaching in math

Faciliation flow for math teachers (intro to 4 part lesson, co-teaching expectations, exploring math processes and achievement charts):

Co-teaching models:

This was an important document to share with all co-teaching teams. Each team had to agree to one model as they co-planned their lesson.

Facilitating whole school learning about numeracy

This is simply a "flow" for one secondary school's introduction to the math processes and we are all numeracy teachers.