Jay Savsani

Founder of Meal Sharing

Summary 1

Meal Sharing, founded by Jay Savsani, is an organazation that brings people from all over together to share homecooked meals. The purpose of this organaztion is to get people to socialize more face to face. It has brought many people together in order to socialize and bring theselves into the real world. (Away from electronics).

Summary 2

Most entrepreneurs are in it for the money, But Jay Savsani started this organization to bring people together and make friends. It has become an extremely successful organization because of Jay's hard work and dedication to his business. Like Anita Roddick, who made her products recyclable, Jay started his organization to make this world a better place.

Summary 3

My entrepreneur, Anita Roddick, differs from Jay Savsani because they started their businesses for different reasons. Anita started hers because she was in an economical crisis. She was desperate for money so she started her business. Jay Savsani had no interest in money but wanted to bring people together through home cooked meals.