First Week of Summer Camp

Greeting Parents,

The Campers had a great first week of camp. They completed various math & writing activities,. They enjoyed doing art, playing outside, and cooperating with their fellow campers in team activities.

I was glad to see how organized, determined, and persevere they were in completing their tasks. Most importantly, I was impressed by how well they listened to their teachers and followed the camp rules.

In the past few days, they've adjusted to the morning and class routine. They became accustomed to what is expected of them academically, socially, and emotionally.
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Circle time

What We've Learned this Week

Language Arts


  • Letters( A, B,P, C,K): The campers learned ( A,B,P, C, K) sounds.
  • They completed ( A B, P, C,K) exercises on their phonics book.

2. Writing

  • They practiced writing upper and lowercase letters of ( A, B, P ,C,K) on their journals and practiced far-point copying from the board by writing words with these initial letters.

3. Listening

  • They detected words with the initial letters above after listening to the following stories read to them: ( Alphatales: Abby Alligator, Alphatales: Bubble Bear,Aphatales: the Pigs' Picnic, Alphatales: Copycats, and Alphatales: Kangaropo Kazoo)

4. Reading

  • We reviewed sight words identification of ( a, I, in, it,is)


1. Identifying and writing numbers( 1-10)

  • The campers recognized numbers 1-10
  • They wrote the numbers and number words( e.g. one, two..)

2. Comparing numbers 1-10

  • They began comparing numbers using >,<. and =.

3. Sequencing numbers 1-10

They practiced sequencing numbers on math worksheets.

4. Patterns

They created patterns ( AB, ABC, AAB, ABB) using snapping cubes, crayons, little cubes, and geometric shapes.


1. Crazy Portrait: They drew self-portraits and painted the hair using watercolors and straws

2. Emoji Activity:They drew their favorite emoji on a blank yellow paper

3. They did free sidewalk chalk art outside.

Team building

1. They played pin soccer

2. Hoola Blocker: The students tried to throw bean bags into hoola hoops that were placed at a distance from them.

Engineering/ Art

Colorful Clay Structures: They made various structures with dry-clay and clay cutters, painted them , and decorated them with glitter.


They made frozen banana pops by covering a banana with either chocolate syrup or honey and sprinkling it with crushed Oreos and other chocolates.


Playing at Centers


1. Complete Change of Clothes:

  • If you haven't done so, please bring a complete change of clothes for your child by Monday.

2. The Blue or Black Folder:

  • At the end of week, the blue or black folder will be placed in your child's cubby or backpack.
  • The folder has math and art activities the campers did in a week.
  • Please empty the folder and return it by Monday.

3.Friday Lunch:

  • Each Friday we either have BBQ lunch or Pizza.
  • You'll need to fill out the Friday Lunch form every week if you want your child to have that lunch.
  • Next week's Pizza Lunch form will be distributed either on Monday or Tuesday.

4. The Camp Calendar:

A hard copy of the camp's calendar is your child' folder.

A soft copy is also attached in the email

Making Patterns

Clay Structures

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