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Team Villarreal / April 2013 - Make it Rain!

Spring is Here!

It is time to blossom. For all of us.

Live your best life. Oprah is on to something.

I am so excited to share with you all the shiny, new reasons why this month

will be your best one yet.

And its all here for you, just follow the circle of success: book, sell, sponsor!

I will be with you every step of the way.

So come on, make it rain!



Summer Capsule Launch

Tote-ally Chic!

We are launching our new line of totes, jewelry organizers, tech wallets and carry ons. Tapping into this billion dollar market is just another genius move to max your time and effort and to target those who are not ¨jewelry people¨; I know you´ve heard that one before. Now, everyone walks away a customer, potential stylist or a hostess.

All Stylist Sampling begins today. Make sure you get some of these pieces for your display.

Autism Awareness Month

Stella & Dot for HollyRod

Share with everyone. Parents, teachers, health experts and all that know someone with autism will be glad to help this powerful cause. Book a show today and help them get involved in this amazing opportunity to make a difference.

Red Stamp Invitation

Use this invitation to share with hostesses and guests.

April Trunk Show Exclusive

Glam Getaway - Puerto Vallarta

There is still plenty of time to reach for the Level you want, go for it!

Glam Levels - What do you want to earn?

Hoopla 2013 - Las Vegas

Early Bird Registration has been extended until April 5th! Join us now! Get $300 in extra swag!

Build It Big! Training

Wish your business was performing differently?

Want to promote? Earn more?

This is a real game changer! You must attend! You won´t be sorry!

April Sponsoring Special

An extra $100 dlls in free product can go a long way! And sharing our exciting business has never been better. We are fashion forward, driven and just plain fabulous!

Get every woman the chance to apply for the fashion job she dreams of! Talk about the opportunity today!

Meet Stella & Dot Summer Rally

Come & Bring a Friend..or Many!

Bring your prospective stylists and seal the deal while getting great training, motivation and some swag!

March Recognition

Qualified Stylists!

1. Sandra Mercado

2. Christel Vasquez

3. Esmeralda Wong

Glam Earners

Level 1 - Mini Lookbook Holder (10,000 points)

Sandra Mercado

New Stylists!

Chantelle Bacigalupo

Welcome to Stella & Dot and to our team, we are so happy to have you!

Love you, Mean It.

Kill it in April! I know you can!

If you want to get started, you can...

- Observe one of my trunk shows

- Do a weekly call with me

- Join our Team Page on Facebook (Gemstones Team Diamond)

- Join a weekly Booking Blitz with Home Office or on your own

If you want to promote, I can...

- Partner you up with a stylist that has the same goal

- Create fun challenges that will get you there

I am here for you, my contact info is below. Let´s talk!