Mrs. Lyons' Class

First Grade Math, Science, Social Studies

What's Happening in Week 13! {November 3rd-7th}

Hello November!

Can you believe it's already November?

As usual, we have a busy week planned + double!

Last week was super fun, but we have to get busy since this will be a short month!

Dates to Remember:

November 5th- Veteran's Day Assembly 10:00-11:00

November 6th- Chapter 5 Math Test

November 7th- Excel Test 4, Science & Social Studies Test

November 21st- Noon Dismissal

November 24-28 Thanksgiving Break


Finish Chapter 5

Math Journals: November activities

Excel Lessons

Math Facts: 5 minute drills

Remediation on Unit 1 / Enrichment

Chapter 5 Tested Vocabulary Words


This week we will be learning about Fall and Winter. We will be reading Chapter 7, Lesson 4: Fall and Winter from our textbook and we will also be putting together a leaf observation booklet. Click on the link below to find out more!

Social Studies

This week we will be learning about Veteran's Day.
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Our Craft of the Week!

Sci-Port {Before and After!}


Class Wish List

Homework Reminder

Homework will be counted as a grade for the second nine weeks!

Be sure your child returns homework by the due date to receive full credit.