Takin' it New "School"

Effective Edtech in my classroom

My Goals

Infusion Level

  1. Facilitate opportunities for creativity.

  2. Begin to use learning management systems and/or virtual environments to communicate and collaborate.

  3. Facilitate the use of digital tools to solve real-world problems.


what WE did...

-TEKS and Concept mapping


-Student Exploration Day

-Student Creation Day

-Presentation Day

-Data analysis

The AFTERmath...

Big image

I was the Guide on the Side NOT the Sage on the Stage!!!


-I found it interesting when the kids had freedom to choose, to choose things like the Smore format, the title, what pictures they included, they were almost uncomfortable with it. This was a huge eye opener for me as an educator

The PROOF is in the puddin...

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This was so successful with this unit that our team decided to conduct all of our STAAR Wars lessons via Smore.


All in all....

So in the end....this was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!! My student's achievement improved. They were so proud of their accomplishments, individually and as a whole. They learned some valuable lessons and so did I. Not EVERYTHING I tried was successful. We tried using Plickers...didn't work efficiently enough for us, could have been the paper, could have been the printing, but it was a no-go. I attempted using a Padlet to use the smores I made for STAAR Wars....it was glitchy. But a few things didn't work and a few things did work....all in all....SUCCESS!!! So stick your neck out, go for it....you never know, you may give your students wings!