Jefferson Cougars Newsletter

October 2021

Classroom Spotlight

Mrs. Hamanishi's 6th Grade Math

Our 6th graders have been learning what Productive Struggle is and how important it is in order to learn.

There are many things like emotions, being tired or hungry, etc. that can cause us to be in our downstairs brain and can make it challenging for us to learn. However, if we can recognize when this happens, we can tap into strategies to help us get back to our upstairs brain.

In working on this project, students were able to discuss major events in their own education history (positive and negative) that have shaped them as learners. They circled back to how a Productive Struggle is necessary in order to help us learn and grow in life.

As everyone has something they struggle with, the class was able to contribute their struggles together before creating their Productive Struggle Math Timeline. Afterwards, each student created their own dating back to when they can remember their productive struggle with math.

Parent Teacher Communication

Over the next several weeks, teachers will be reaching out to share information about your student's progress in class, including growth toward standard proficiency, Work Ethic and Citizenship. Communication will occur via email and phone calls. If you have specific teachers you would like to speak to you can reach out through email or by phone. This year we will not be hosting an in-person PTC night, but meetings can be arranged upon request.