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Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

A lot of the time when I look at different advertisements or business cards and such I think this could be so much better if they had changed this or maybe that. Now I had the chance to look at some companies business card or advertisements and change them up into something that would be much more a appealing or attractive. I looked at some different ads that really appealed to me and thought what is it that made this pop out to me. So I took that thought and applied it to some of the ads that I made. One of the main things that you want an ad to do is make it stand out. That way people will actually notice it. Another thing I learned is that you want the item/person that you are advertising seem as if it is better than everything else and you won't find anything else like it!!

Some of My Designs

Discovery Girls Advertisement

The Discovery Girls advertisement I have above, is the biggest because I think it is mt best one and it is my favorite. I started over on this one 4 times!! In this ad I tried to incorporate things that I knew girls liked. Like the border around the top and bottom. Or even the just hot pink background!! Even if some girls don't like hot pink, it definitely stands out and catches your attention.