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November 4, 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to Mountain View High School. Home of the Mountain Lion. Our motto is: PRIDE!

Be Present
Show Respect
Get Involved
Honor Diversity
Give Effort

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We Need to Hear from You!

We want to hear from our families and community members about how we are doing, both from an individual school perspective and throughout the entire district.

You feedback is vital, even if you do not have children in our district

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Quarter One Grades

Congratulations on completing 1st quarter of the 2020-21 school year! As we end this 1st quarter, we wanted to let you know that we will not finalize first quarter grades until the end of the first semester (December). Your student’s 1st quarter grades will be reported as In Progress. At the end of Quarter 2, both Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 grades will post to transcripts as final grades. This will allow consistent grade reporting between Thompson Connect Online (TCO) and In-Person/Hybrid learning in addition to providing accuracy with overall class rankings across our high schools.

Behavioral Code of Conduct

Thompson School District Policy JIDA: Code of Conduct is being provided to all parents and students as significant changes have been made to this policy. Please feel free to CLICK HERE to download this policy, or view it on the TSD webpage at any time.

LUC Club

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Each week we will be spotlighting staff at Mountain View. This week we will introduce Math and Science Departments.


Heather Anderton ~ Math Teacher

Mrs. Anderton is located in Room E122. She helps students and staff with a variety of math questions. She is an Instructional Lead Teacher and is able to help mentor and provide district communications to the Math Department.

She is the Infinite Campus Coach here at MVHS, so she can help answer questions about IC for students, staff and families (or at least direct folks to someone that can answer questions).

This is Mrs. Anderton's 5th year at Mountain View.

"I love the sense of community we’ve established. The staff here are amazing, because they’re so generous with their time, resources, and empathy."

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Ryan Barron ~ Math Teacher/StuCo Advisor

Mr. Barron is a math teacher and Student Counsel Advisor at Mountain View High School. He can be found in either Room D224 or Room D222. Mr. Barron has been at Mountain View High School for 8 years. He is willing to help all with math and how to get involved at MVHS!

"I like that there is a place for everyone to fit in at MVHS. There is a club, sport, or activity for just about any interest! I am most excited to see students faces again this year and figure out how we can continue to build community at MVHS."

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Kile Grisham ~ Math Teacher

Mr. Grisham is new to Mountain View High School this year. He is located in Room D218. Mr. Grisham is willing to help with anything math or life related.

"I am excited to teach new students and to work with new co-workers."

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Jeremy Lanter ~ Math

This is Mr. Lanter's first year at Mountain View High School. He teaches Math and is located in Room E120. He can help you with Math.

"My two favorite things about MVHS is the amazing people (staff and students) and the Freshman Seminar class. I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful school with such a wonderful vision of the future."

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Emily Logsdon ~ Math Teacher

Mrs. Logsdon teaches Algebra, Geometry and Problem Solving and is happy to help with these classes or any other math. This is her second year at Mountain View High School and she can be found in Room F210.

"My favorite thing about MVHS is the supportive community of staff and students. I am so excited to get to start meeting students in person this week!"

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Noah Otterstetter ~ Math

Mr. Otterstetter has returned to Mountain View High School for his second year. He teaches math and can be found in Room E121. He is willing to help with all of your math related questions, specifically Geometry, Algebra 2 and any questions regarding math class suggestions for subsequent semesters.

" I love the community of staff and students at Mountain View. I'm excited to see all the new and returning students in the building."

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Morgan Storley ~ Math

Ms. Storley is a Math teacher located in Room F229. She is willing to "try" to help with anything. If she doesn't know the answer/how to help, she will find someone that does. This is Ms. Storley's second year at Mountain View High School.

"I love MVHS because everyone, students and staff alike, are so supportive of each other. "

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Joe Ernst ~ Science Teacher

This is Mr. Ernst first year at Mountain View High School. He is located in Room E204. He describes his title as "Science Teacher/Professor of Science Puns".

" I am just getting started as a teacher and I am excited to meet my students. I am over the moon about teaching Astronomy/Meteorology, that class is going to be flooded with cool information and students will definitely think it's out of this world."

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Cathy Fraser - Science Teacher

Ms. Fraser has been at Mountain View High School for 21 years and is located in Room D145. She helps students and staff with the physical sciences, tutor and other support needed.

"Absolutely love the staff here at MVHS who are understanding, professional, and have become my friends. I am excited to see my students in the building and hope that it will happen soon."

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Nick Frei ~ Science Teacher

Mr. Frei teaches Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Science and Biology. He is also a licensed Athletic Trainer. You can find Mr. Frei in Room F132.

Mr. Frei has been at Mountain View High School since 2002 in some format. He has been teaching for 14 years.

"I enjoy the comradery and I'm excited to get back in the building with students."

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Patrick Huddleston ~ Math

My name is Patrick Huddleston, I am a science teacher and girls basketball coach here at MVHS. I am located in room F130. This is my first year teaching here, but this is my 8th year teaching overall. I can help with anything science related, I'm pretty good with technology, and I can even assist in math. I am excited to build new relationships with students this year, and am looking forward to getting back to full time in person learning!

Bart Mayes ~ Science Teacher

Mr. Mayes teaches Freshman Seminar, Pre AP Chemistry and Chemistry. He is also our Head Football Coach and Fellowship of Christian Athlete Sponsor. He is located in Room D229. Mr. Mayes has been at Mountain View High School since the school opened in 2000.

Mr. Mayes is here to help with Science, Football and Fly Fishing Techniques.

"I Love the staff and am looking forward to more in person learning"

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Monica Money - Science Teacher

This is Mrs. Money's 3rd year at Mountain View High School, but her 16th year teaching.

She is located in Room E104. She is always here to support staff and students with whatever they may need. She is here to listen and help with science content as well. Biology is her specialty but she also teaches Geophysical Science and Chemistry.

"I love the collaboration and family feel of MVHS. Everyone is always ready and willing to help one another. You always feel supported here."

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Jessica Mueller ~ Science Teacher

Ms. Mueller has been teaching science at Mountain View High School for 7 years. She is located in Room D226. She enjoys exploring new tech tools that can help teachers and students succeed.

"I am most excited to have real life students in my classroom!"

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Like everything else, Parent Teacher Conferences will look a little different this year.

Parent Teacher Conference will be held by phone or google meets by signing up for bookable appointments on:

  • Thursday, November 12th from 4:30 to 6:30 pm
  • Thursday, December 3rd from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.

Your student's teacher will be sharing the calendar link to book appointments. Watch for this in teachers weekly newsletters.

Student Announcements

If you would like to review Announcements sent to students, please visit our website Mountain View High School Website. We will post all Announcements and Newsletters under the Announcements Heading.
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Glasses & Eye Exams for Loveland Residents

One of Loveland Lions Club’s vision projects is to help low income Loveland residents purchase needed eye exams and glasses.

Meet the qualifications for being low income and be in need of assistance
Reside in Loveland at least 1 year

Aspen Club (Medical Center of the Rockies)
The Chilson Senior Center
The Community Kitchen
Disabled Resources Service Services
The House of Neighborly Service
Seasons Club (McKee Medical Center)
and School Nurses in the Thompson School District

Loveland Lions Club
P.O. Box 928
Loveland, CO 80538


Nutrition Services Grab n Go Lunches

Kids Eat Free through June. All children 18 months to 18 years old regardless of income.

All families are encouraged to apply for meal benefits. Apply online at:

For more information email:

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The Loveland Public Library is collaborating with Front Range Community College to provide Virtual Bilingual Community Outreach Series.

Sessions will be held in the morning and afternoon on different days:

Tuesday, November 17

10-11am and 6-7 pm.

Please share with families who may be interested in learning about college opportunities for themselves or their children.

Medical: Sunrise Community Health Mobile Outreach Unit

Sunrise Community Health provides primary and preventative care for medical, dental, and behavior health with sliding scale fees based on ability to pay. Their mobile van unit parks in various locations in the Front Range and families can access the van any time it is open without an appointment.

The links below are the October Calendar for van locations and an informational flyer.

FREE parenting classes for families overwhelmed with stress during COVID

Free virtual parenting classes for families overwhelmed with stress during COVID (Spanish & English classes available)
Two meetings offered every month (one in Spanish and one in English)
See flyer link below for registration and more info:

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If we didn't answer your question here, please feel free to contact any of us here at MVHS to help!

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