Ivory Coast

Culture of Ivory Coast

The People

Ivory Coast has three main religions, Christian, Islam, and Traditoinal religion. Because the country has so many religions it has very many languages. they have over 17.3 million people and grows by 2.11 percent anually. Urban dwellers wear nicer clothing but the people who live in the rural areas wear more less expensive clothing


Most people will greet you by nodding heads or shaking hands. It is considered very rude to not greet someone. Visiting people is highly valued. if you visit someone it is considered very rude to try to shorten the conversation


Extended families are strongly connected even if in other villages. Most of the family will gather at bigger events. Most of there diet is from there village but some food is impoted from another country. They play many sports like soccer, checkers, and singing.


The president is the head of goverment. the voting age is 18. Ivory Coast is heavily dependent on export crops. Most highways are paved but in bad condition.