About me

Kyle Bergstresser

Basic Information About Me

My name is Kyle Bergstresser

I am a senior

My favorite kind of music is Frank Ocean or Young Thug

My favorite TV show is either White Collar or Prison Break

My favorite food is my mom's stuffed shells

10 Interesting Facts About me

  • I'm not a morning person
  • I may be late from time to time
  • I hate reading books that the school chooses for us
  • I like computers
  • I spend most of my time watching Netflix or playing NBA 2k16
  • I am very picky
  • I can't touch napkins
  • I've been pulled over 3 times
  • I want to go to school for accounting
  • I bite my nails


Strengths Weaknesses

  • I keep my grades up
  • I think I am a strong writer/reader
  • I pay attention