Professional Learning Communities

Design and Implementation and the Impact on Student Success

Knowledge Mobilization Through Collaborative Learning Communities

Mobilizing the knowledge that will be learned through participating in a collaborative learning community is a fundamental consideration. This mobilization will happen in different ways which may include, but are not limited to, in-school sharing through a Professional Learn Team, staff meetings, department head meetings, and system PD opportunities.

Principals and teachers will grow significantly in their depth of understanding instructional and assessment strategies. As an aspiring principal, your leadership within collaborative learning communities will offer immediate and significant impact on student achievement. While teachers focus on instructional strategies to support student learning gaps, they will be addressing their own teaching gaps at the same time.

Value of the Professional Learn Cycle

The Professional Learning Cycle is critical to effective job-embedded learning

- offers school and system connections with board, school, and classroom opportunities for leading, sharing, supporting, and monitoring job-embedded professional learning

- capacity building with colleagues through approaches with Differentiated Instruction with further training, ongoing learning and support is facilitated by board and school leaders

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