Egypt's Geography

Did you know...

The Nile River...Ancient Egypt's Lfeblood

The Nile river is a river that flows north to south.It is a log river that goes from upper Egypt to lower Egypt.The river has rough water so it is hard to travel by boat through the Nile river.That is good because when enemies try to get in it will be hard so they will not be able to get in.

It is getting hot in here...

The desert it a hot place in Egypt. It is so hot enemies do not go through there.So Egypt has no trespassers or wars.But now they can not trade with other places. So they can grow more life in peace.

Joshwa Matos

I love this topic because we can talk about Egypt.I have always wanted to go to Egypt. I think in is a cool place.I really want to climb the pyramids and walk the desert.I cant wait to get more into egypt.