A Little Bit Scary

by, Jake Wang

You may think that Joey is a little bit scary,but...

  • He helps the army with battles.
  • He loves spending time with his family.
  • He helps friends with cutting their food with his back.
  • He protects his friends and family.
  • He cheers everyone up with his moooooo?

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Good Deeds

  • He goes around giving kids candy.
  • He always helps people up when they fall.
  • He helps everyone in need of food and shelter.


  • He has 2 older brothers and one younger sister.
  • He loves hanging out with his dog.
  • He always spends time with his family when he can.


  • He likes playing lacrosse with all the other monsters.
  • He enjoys science and chemistrey.
  • He likes reading every book.

My Monsters Favorite Things

  • Joey loves pizza.
  • Joey loves biking and sking.
  • Joey