Midwestern States

Neil Adsett

Geography and Climate

The geography of the Midwest is mostly grasslands with many hills. They are also bordered by the great lakes. Their climate is colder than ours all year round. They have similar temperature to Canada's in the winter. They start getting cold around mid to late fall. In the late spring they have more mild to hot temperatures all the way through to the summer.

Early Settlers

The early settlers of the Midwestern States were the Native Americans. Then came the Europeans from countries like England and France.

Popular Foods

Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

Chicago-Style Pizza


Tart Cherry Pie

Characteristic Dishes

A characteristic dish would probably be Chicago-Style pizza.

It is a pizza that is deep-dish (meaning that it is cooked in a dish that is unlike a pie pan or any other kind of pan, it is specifically made for a deep dish pizza.

It also has lots of chunky sauce and lots of cheese to get its great taste.


In the Midwest they live a farm lifestyle and city lifestyle (Chicago).

Also they celebrate the same sort of holidays and traditions as us in Texas.

They celebrate all of the winter holidays as us.