Rebel Report

September 19, 2022

From the Superintendent's Desk

The school year has started smoothly and without any closures, quarantines, or restrictions. If you are interested in volunteering or helping in the classroom, please contact your student's teacher.

The theme this year is Respect and Richmond had a very special guest for an assembly last week. Corey the Dribbler, 8x Guinness World Record holder and former player for the Harlem Globetrotters. In addition to demonstrating phenomenal dribbling skills, he had an excellent message about hard work, reputation, and respect.

In October, The BMX Show will be at Richmond to do high-flying tricks and talk about "The 5 Secrets to Success." I have asked them to emphasize Success Secret #4, Respect.

Have a great week,

Mr. Cosgrove


Rebel Radar

Crossing Guards

Richmond is looking for parents to volunteer to help as a crossing guard after school from 2:45-2:55pm. If you are able to cover a day each week, please contact the Office.

Sports Physicals

All students will need to have a sports physical dated after July 1, 2022 to be eligible to participate in sports this school year. If your student has already received a sports physical, please send a copy to the office. Sports physical forms can be found on the school website (Click Here) or a hard copy can be picked up from the Office.

Water Bottles

Students have been forgetting to bring their water bottles to school. The school does have cups but the supply is getting low and getting more is not as easy as it used to be, especially when students are going through 400+ per day. Please remind your students to bring their water bottles and fill them at the water jugs on the basketball court or in the cafeteria.

Jacket, Hoodie, and Sweatshirt Season: Labels

The temperature is dropping in the mornings and students are wearing jackets, hoodies, and sweatshirts to school. It is highly recommended that your student's items are labeled with their full name and grade level. Please be sure to check our lost and found for any unlabeled items your child may have lost.

Blackboard Connect

School Communication

Richmond Elementary uses a message program called Blackboard Connect that pushes phone messages, texts, and emails to all parents. This is a very effective way of notifying parents of upcoming events, changes to events, school cancelations due to weather, and other emergencies. Please make sure that you list on your forms all emails and mobile numbers you would like contacted if necessary.


Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast and Lunch is free of charge this year. Breakfast is being served from 7:30-7:55am in the Cafeteria.

September Menu, Click Here

Homework Club

Homework Club is now being offered every school day from 7:00-7:30am for grades K-8 in the Cafeteria. This is an excellent opportunity for students to practice their spelling words, math facts and skills, and reading fluency.

After School Clubs and Intervention

Richmond currently offers English Language Arts (ELA) Intervention on Tuesdays and Math Intervention of Thursdays after school from 2:45-4:00pm for students in grades K-8.

Starting next week on Wednesdays from 2:45-4:00pm will be an Agriculture Club with a local grower and the organizer of the community garden, Seth Anderson. Students and/or parents interested can attend an information meeting on Wednesday, Sept 28th in the Multi-Purpose Building.

We are looking for parents or community members who are interested in helping start clubs for Art, Drama, Golf, Robotics, or Community Service for K-8 students. This list is not exhaustive and if you have a good idea, please let Mr. Cosgrove know. The time commitment can be flexible. Once a month, twice a month, weekly for a month, weekly for two months, weekly for a trimester, or what works for you. Once we have it planned, we will parents register for their students to participate.


Please call the office at (530) 257-6163 if your student(s) will be absent. It is important that the school keep detailed records of student attendance as it affects our funding. Absences also influence truancy and truancy notifications. After three days absent without a valid excuse the school is required to send the first Truancy Notification. Single day absences can be excused with a valid excuse but students who are out three or more days due to an illness requires a medical note from your pediatrician or family doctor. Please be sure the doctor states the required number of days they are to be out of school or the date they may return to school.

Parent Volunteers

If parents want to help with reading groups or work with students, the school needs to have a cleared background check on file. Fingerprints through LiveScan can be done at LCOE, call (530) 257-2196 and setup an appointment.

Upcoming Events

9/22 Johnny Appleseed Day (K-2)

9/23 No School - County Teacher In-service Professional Development

9/26 Johnny Appleseed Day for K-2

9/29 Cross Country @ Ranch Park Tk-4 @3:30pm, 5-8 @4:00pm.

9/30 Progress Reports Sent Home

9/30 Picture Day

10/5-7 Grade 6 Camp

10/6 Cross Country @ Ranch Park Tk-4 @3:30pm, 5-8 @4:00pm.

10/10 No School – Columbus Day

10/13 Board Meeting @ 6:00pm

10/13 BMX Assembly @1:00pm

10/13 Cross Country @ Shaffer Scramble Parents #3:00pm, Tk-4 @3:30pm, 5-8 @4:00pm

10/14 Wemple Pumpkin Patch K-3

10/19 Minimum Day PD 12:30pm Dismissal

10/20 Cross Country @ Richmond Tk-4 @3:30pm, 5-8 @4:00pm

10/21 Halloween Carnival

10/27 Cross Country @ Ranch Park, Coyote Hill Tk-4 @3:30pm, 5-8 @4:00pm

11/6 Daylight Savings (Roll the Clocks Back)

11/10 1st Trimester Ends

11/10 Veteran’s Day Program 1:45-2:40pm

11/10 Board Meeting @ 6:00pm

11/11 No School – Veteran’s Day

11/14-18 Parent/Teacher Conferences Minimum Days 12:30pm Dismissal

11/21-25 Thanksgiving Break

12/15 Board Meeting @ 6:00pm

12/16 Progress Reports Sent Home

12/16 Minimum Day 12:30pm Dismissal

12/19-1/2 Christmas Break

Current Happenings