Dioxin Poison.

Brenda Chuma

Type of poison and level of toxicity.

It is a persistent enviromental pollutant (POPs).

It's level of toxicity is 0.022-0.045 mg/kg.

The poison is known as a very toxic poison and a small amount can make someone sick over time.

Chemistry of the poison

Dioxin also called polychlorinated dibenzodioxin is characterized by the presence of two benzene rings connected by a pair of oxygen atoms. Each of the eight carbon atoms on the rings that are not bonded to oxygen can bind with hydrogen atoms or atoms of other elements. It is a chemical used in different environmental products and can be found in liquid or powder form.

Dioxin has no common uses. They are manufactured in small amounts for chemical and toxicology research, but mostly exist as by-products of industrial processes such as bleaching paper pulp and pesticide manufacturing.

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Short-term exposure of humans to high levels of dioxins may result in skin lesions, such as chloracne and patchy darkening of the skin, and altered liver function. Long-term exposure is linked to impairment of the immune system, the developing nervous system, the endocrine system and reproductive functions. Some forms can as well cause cancer.

Detection, and Lasting Effects of possible treatments.

The quantitative chemical analysis of dioxins requires sophisticated methods that are available only in a limited number of laboratories around the world. Increasingly, biological-based screening methods are being developed, and theuse of such methods for food and feed samples is increasingly being validated. Such screening methods allow more analyses at a lower cost, and in case of a positive screening test, confirmation of results must be carried out by more complex chemical analysis.

Some sores (caused by chlorinated dioxin) can be treated with anti-biotics and creams. Cancer screening is highly advised after poison detection. Drinking plenty of water is advised. It is advised to take medication like isotrenoin for your skin.

Viktor Yushchenko-Former President of Ukraine's Poisoning.

Mr. Yushchenko fell ill on a September night in 2004 following a dinner in Kiev. Forensic toxicologic tests found dioxin levels in his blood being 1,000 times higher than normal. Most people in the west have some level of dioxins naturally in their bodies but the type found in his blood was the most lethal kind. Afterwards, he suffered severe gastrointestinal problems and his face was disfigured. He was given treatment that the doctors don't want to speak of that got rid of half of the dioxin in about 15 and a half months much faster than the years other doctors estimated it would take. The tests also suggested that he was deliberately poisoned and the perpetrators are yet to be found until today. The only thing they suspect is that the poisoner must have some connection to a laboratory that can produce lethal dioxin and the fact that it might be his opponent Yanukovych responsible for it. Until today no actions have been taken.
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