Aurora Borealis

Natures Light Show

Cause of the Phenomenon

Located in the Northern part of the world like Canada, Greenland and sometimes United States. The Aurora Borealis is caused by Solar Winds coming from the sun and hitting our Magnetic field and the Aurora is the after effect.
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Best time and spots to see It

The Best possible spots to see the Aurora is in Denali, Alaska to see a reddish light, and in Northern Norway in the Lofoten Islands. The best time of year to see the lights would be from December to March. You can tell its going to happen because the sun will radiate more and cause them.
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The Difference and similarities in the Auroras

The is two different aurora's in the world and on is called the Aurora Borealis and the other is called the Aurora Australis the difference between the two is that Australis is in the South and Borealis is the in the North and that they are in different areas of the world that's why the colors are different because its from the the different gasses like nitrogen causes blue and high altitude causes red. The similarity is that they both are caused by the solar winds from the sun.
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