Vocabulary Instruction

A Learning Focused Model

The Quest:

  • Focus on ELL/ESL
  • Increase Academic Vocabulary
  • Incorporate Student-Centered activities
  • Integrate Technology
  • Implement Strategies from Dr. Marcia Tate's training

Learning-Focused Vocabulary

  1. Connect to Prior Knowledge
  2. Share Metacognitive Strategies
  3. Active Engagement
  4. Create a Word Rich Environment
  5. Apply Strategies Across the Curriculum
  6. Teach Strategies for Independence
  7. Mnemonics


Jones, Dana. "Vocabulary Activities." Cheatham Hill Elementary School. Cobb County School District, Mar. 2007. Web. 16 Apr. 2014.

How are words learned?

Add your ideas to share at the end:

Connect to Prior Knowledge

Vocabulary Anchors

View ThingLink with explanations here.

Active Engagement - Physical Response to New Language

Find & Photograph

Act Out & Model

Create a Word Rich Environment

Word Walls





Teach Strategies for Independence

Vocabulary Cards - Quizlet

VocabularySpellingCity - www.spellingcity.com/ (also available for mobile devices)

Personal Dictionary

Apply Strategies Across the Curriculum

Word Map

Frayer Model - Comic Book! app