The SUES Is A Hoot

Amanda G

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Specials and stairs

When i was in 3rd grade I thought the Sues was gonna be like my old school. When i got here it was nothing like my old school. In my old school we had all our specials in a week but here every marking we have gym with another special.Also my old school had no lab science.

When i came to the sues I thought I would never get my mind off the stairs. But when March came the stairs were okay. I also thought i would break my leg doing down the stairs.That is what I thought of the stairs.

Best memories

The best moment from 4th was winning a character ed lunch for caring.Another good memory was finding 2 new friends.I also figured out my friend was in the same class as me.Those were my some of my best memories of 4th grade.

One funny moment from school was when we were in gym a ball was heading to my face but them my friend smacked the ball before it hit me. Another fun moment was when we watched the movie Shiloh and Stuart little.Those were some fun moments in 4th grade.

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The bus and lunch

Lunch ans recess were very different from my old school. For the first two marking period we had recess first then lunch. Then for the last two we had lunch first then recess. that was my experience with lunch.

At the end of the day i would go on my bus. Are bus is loud like a lion. Most of the time i will sit with my friends.that was my experience on the bus.

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