Antonio Vivaldi

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Vivaldi's Early Life

Vivaldi was born March 4, 1678. He was baptized immediately after his birth due to "danger of death". He had 4 brothers and four sisters, and his father was Giovanni Battista. While many do not know much about Vivaldi's childhood, it is true that at age 15 he studied to become a priest. He became a priest in 1703, but he only said mass a few times. He was known as "the red priest" because of his naturally red hair. He also had "tightening of the chest", or asthma- which did not stop him from composing or playing the violin. His father was known to be his most important teacher and they sometimes played violin together at the church.
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Map of Venice Italy, 1528

This is a map of Venice, Italy- Vivaldi's birthplace and home. While in Venice, Vivaldi worked as a composer at the Ospedale della Pieta. He taught young orphaned girls to play instruments even though that was thought to be wrong in his society. After 40 years of service, he left and moved to Vienna to work for his former friend and emperor, Charles VI. But Charles died suddenly from food poisoning- and no one wanted to hire Vivaldi. Vivaldi then died on July 28th, 1741.
Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

The Four Seasons by Vivaldi

Vivaldi was greatly inspired by the Baroque period. He loved creating music with amazing effects- such as "storms", "wind", and "rain", "bird calls", solo instruments, and contrasts of loud and soft. Vivaldi wrote a gigantic amount of music- over a thousand pieces. Today, Vivaldi is most famous for his violin concertos, which he has written over 200 of-But his variety in music and instruments is almost endless. Vivaldi's The Four Seasons violin concertos are his most famous. The Four Seasons is a set of four short violin concertos that were written around 1720. Vivaldi was amazing at incorporating melody, metre, tempo, dynamics, timbre, and harmony into his music. His music was "programme", or designed to portray an image. Vivaldi or a colleague also wrote a sonnet for each season. The Four Seasons concertos were inspired by the four paintings of the seasons by the artist Marco Ricci.

Compositions by Vivaldi

While The Four Seasons is Vivaldi's most famous composition, he has many other pieces of music also- which include the following:

  • Gloria.
  • Farnace
  • Motezuma
  • Bajazet
  • Stabat Mater
  • And More

Vivaldi's Legacy

Vivaldi left an impression on the world of music. He went against society and overcame challenges to do and teach what he loved. Even though it was thought to be improper for girls to play instruments, he taught the young orphaned girls anyway. He had illnesses such as tightening of the chest, yet he still composed. He never let anything come between him and composing, and because of this, we have many important pieces of music such as The Four Seasons. He was a composer until the last of his days- and people still commemorate him.

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