Ancient Greece

By: Kylie Taylor and Anna Dayton

Ancient Greece Religion

The Ancient Greece religion have a collection of beliefs. There were rituals which they did an animal sacrifices. They also had a religion

Ancient Greece Division Classes

The Division Classes are: The Upper Class/Athens

The Middle Class/Metics

The Lower Class/Freedmen

The Slaves

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Amazing Art and Architecture

There are there main pieces of Architecture: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthians

~ Doric: Plain, sturdy, and mainly used in mainland Greece.

~ Ionic: Thin, elegant. The top looks like a scroll and in used in Eastern Greece.

~ Corinthians: Rare in Greek world. Seen in Roman Temples and the top is very delicate looking and decorated with acanthus leaves.

Historical Events that Impacted Ancient Greece

There were many events that changed ancient Greece. Some of them were the start of the Olympics, when the Athens became a democracy, the Persian war, when Alexander the Great expanded Greece, and when Rome conquered Greece. These events were major components that affected Greece forever.
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Greek Society and Civilization

Greek society and civilization flourished around 776 to 30 B.C. Social groups were made up of common population, but was remarkably diverse. Men had more rights than women and children at the time; voting, own property, and a full legal status.

Greek Economy

The region was defined by it's dependence of imported goods. They were active in economic activities, they exchanged and produced goods in long and local trades. They had a very sophisticated economy.


The economy,society,architecture, and historical figures of Ancient Greece made a large impact on what present Greece is today. We found that the economy was very unique and different from other economy's, but was still active in economic activity. Greek society was very orderly and proper,and different people had different rights. There are many things that are different about modern Greece,but that is because of event and figures in Ancient Greece.