Bubonic Plague

The Deadly Disease that killed thousands!

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My Postition

I believe that the plague was the most significant changing in the European Society.

Here are my Reasons!

  1. Everybody was involved and most likely got the plague.Which means that the population went down. The population went down because less people had jobs and that means less people could provide food.
  2. More than 24 million Europeans died.
  3. As the people were dyeing more and more people got the disease that means as long as the plague was still around it would still spread.
  4. The plague happened because of the conditions they lived in. Some of the conditions were trash on the streets, sickness, and no bathing.
One could argue that the Hundred year war was the most significant but heres the weakness. Not as many people died during the war

Extra Fact

  • 25 million people died in just under five years between 1347 and 1352. Estimated population of Europe from 1000 to 1352.
Black Death from Ratatouille

Strong finish

So that is my thoughts on what is the most significant change in the European society.
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