Solar Energy

Ray'gine Chavis

What Is Solar?

We get most of our energy from the sun. We call it

solar energy. It travels from the sun to the Earth in

rays. Some are light rays that we can see. Some rays

we can’t see, like x-rays. The sun is a star. It is a giant ball of gas. It sends

out huge amounts of energy every day. Most of

the energy goes off into space. Only a small part

reaches the Earth.

Solar Energy Is Renewable

We Use Solar Energy

Lots of people put solar collectors on their roofs. Solar collectors capture the sunlight and

turn it into heat. People can heat their houses and their water using the sun’s energy.

Solar cells can turn solar energy into electricity. Some toys and calculators use solar cells

instead of batteries. Solar panels are made of many solar cells. Some people put solar panels

on their home. These solar panels can make enough electricity for a house. Solar panels are

good for houses and buildings without access to power lines.

How Much Does Solar Cost?

It varies. Depending on the size of your household, the amount of electricity you use, the particular solar energy system you choose, how much sunshine you receive in your area and available government funding to name only a few.

  • A solar hot water system will cost between US $2,000 and $4,000.

  • A photovoltaic system will cost between US $8,000 and $10,000 for a 1kW system. (or $8 - $10 /Watt)
  • An average American family, living in a 3-bedroom home will require a 1.5 - 3kW system, which will cost between US $13,000 and US $27,000, before rebates.

    How Solar Energy Panels Work