Lyon News, 2.12.15

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

Weekly Updates

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your effort the past few weeks. It truly does not go unnoticed the smiles I still see, the laughter I hear, and the kind words to others. I know February is a stressful month with due dates to meet, and student behavior is not always at its finest. Jeanette and I know what you do is NOT easy but I appreciate you walking in the door giving Lyon students everything that you've got. We appreciate you!

Leadership Team

  • Leadership Team met last night to began a quick analysis of the staff survey results. Attached is a copy for you to view and I have asked your leadership team representative to discuss opportunities for improvement (OFIs) and possible solutions or action steps.
  • Playground Rules is another matter I would like to align. There is a lack of inconsistency among grade levels which makes student conversations in the office quite confusing. Leadership team will be asking your thoughts on the established rules we rolled out at our Boot Camp in August.
  • Currently we have 2 openings at Lyon we are attempting to fill. Interviews were conducted on Wednesday/Thursday and we have some wonderful candidates to choose from. Stay tuned for more information!

Upcoming Events

15-17: Casey out of the building

15; New Teacher Training

16; Papa John's Night

16/17: Faculty Meeting (click link for agenda)

17: Jeanette out of building

17: Boehne Financial visiting Lyon

22: PTO meeting, 6:00pm

Great Things at Lyon

Third grade has knocked it out of the park with their MOY writing, increasing their proficiency rate by more that 30%!

First grade is the grade to beat with attendance, they have had the highest attendance the last 2 months in a row!

Title teachers have been a huge asset to our writing scores. I have heard many great things from classroom teachers on schoolwide title and the support with writing.

Instructional aides are awesome too! I am excited to hear how researching is going with Fann in the library as an extra support and thanks to Hicks and those K teachers, we only have 8 Kindergarten kiddos who are reading at a basic level!